New Testament Survey

Studying the New Testament from a "vista" view. We will treat the New Testament as a book, and the books of the New Testament as "chapters."


New Testament Survey

Studying the New Testament as One Book. A study of the New Testament books including "Introductions, Key Passages, Key Verses, Key Doctrines, and Key Persons.

For years, we have practiced several different types of study: Verse by Verse and Topical.  In this study, we will take a "bird's eye view" of the entire New Testament. We will view the New Testament as a single "book" study. We will look at the major divisions, as well as the books themselves.
We will approach this study in an organized manner as we will look at:
The Anthology 
Arrangement of the books in the New Testament
Culture, Political, and Religious Practices 
Overview and Purpose of each book
Many bible students have never read the New Testament as a single book. In this study there will be reading assignments on key passages in order to better understand the overall treatise of the New Testament.

Introduction to the New Testament


This is the first in our Survey of the New Testament. This handout will cover the importance of the two testaments, the four hundred years between the Testaments, the political, social, and religious scene.

Major Groups in New Testament Times


Any study of the New Testament must include a description of the major groups in the New Testament. We will look at:

  • Essenes

  • Herodians

  • Pharisees

  • Sadducees

  • Scribes

  • Samaritans

  • Zealots

This page is a major description of each of these groups.​

Introduction to the Gospels


What do you know about the Gospels of Jesus in the New Testament? Who wrote the Gospels? Where there different audiences for the four Gospels? Did they each have a different purpose?
These questions and more are the purpose of this Handout. Enjoy.

The Gospel of Matthew


The first book in the New Testament is the Gospel of Matthew, even though it was not the first Gospel written. While Matthew is one of the synoptic gospels, its content is quite different than the Gospels of Mark and Luke. Join us as we study the Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Mark


The second book in the NT is the Gospel of Mark. It is the shortest of the four (16 chapters) and was probably written first. John Mark’s approach of telling the Gospel narrative from Peter’s point of view is visible throughout the book. It is believed that John Mark is the “spiritual son” of the Apostle Peter.
Join us as we look at the Gospel of Mark.

The Gospel of Luke


The Gospel of Luke is the third Gospel in the NT. It is the third (3) of the "synoptic" Gospels. It is the longest of the four (24 chapters, 1154 verses). Luke's approach of telling the Gospel is to the Greek mindset. Luke focuses on Jesus as the "Son of Man."

The Gospel of John


In review, the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus to the Hebrew mind as the Messiah and King. Mark’s Gospel presents Jesus to the Roman mind as the Servant. The Gospel of Luke presents Jesus to the Greek mind as the Son of Man. The Gospel of John presents Jesus to the Jewish and Gentile believers as the Christ, the Creator, the Son of God (Jn 20:30-31).
The Gospel of John is the last Gospel in the NT. It is the final piece concerning the Gospel and the purpose of God in Christ.


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