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Falsehoods that are misleading churches

I received the following question today. "Good afternoon, Pastor Bob, Wednesday night you mentioned that Churches even today spread falsehoods about the Bible/faith. I definitely agree with this. Out of curiosity, can you tell me 10 falsehoods you believe with which many churches are misleading people? This does include the fact that they sometimes "ignore" preaching about some topics."

What a wonderful question. So I thought about it for a while and came up with the following list. AND, this list is sure to get some negative feedback.

My list:

  1. Pastors and churches shying away from the fact of the virgin birth. They downplay the virgin birth by saying, "Virgin doesn't necessarily mean virgin, it could simply mean a girl of the marrying age."

  2. Pastors and churches teaching that Jesus/God wants all Christians to be healthy and wealthy and if you are not, you have unconfessed sin or you don’t have enough faith.

  3. Pastors and churches have made Jesus into a "buddy," he's a really good guy, a best friend. Jesus is not just a good guy; He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He deserves all our worship and adoration. He is God.

  4. Pastors and churches teach a watered-down Jesus as the Judge of all mankind. They preach a “God is love, and in the end will allow all to be saved. They say, “God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell, so they won’t.”

  5. Pastors and churches remove the Savior as the only way to salvation. Jesus clearly said that “He was the way,” there is no other way to get to heaven.

  6. Pastors and churches buying into “limited inerrancy.” They say that “only the quoted words of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit” are holy, inspired, and inerrant.”

  7. Pastors and churches gravitating to the worldly positions on many issues. For example, “We stand in solidarity with other Christians and Muslims, as we all serve the same god. (The current Pope stated that Muslim, Jew, and Christians all served the same god).

  8. Pastors and churches today do not discipline the membership or their pastors. Jesus spent time concerning the errors that would come into the church. Paul wrote of it in almost every letter he wrote to the churches. And still, today false teachers and teaching makes it way into teaching and preaching without correction.

  9. Pastors, churches and denominations straying from the requirements, set in the Bible, for pastors, teachers and deacons.

  10. Pastors and churches gravitating towards a “salvation by faith plus works” model for salvation. It is "Jesus + __________." Fill in the blank...baptism, works, evidence of Spiritual gifts, etc.

  11. Pastors and churches, in order to support their unbiblical doctrines, teach baptismal regeneration and/or infant baptism that promise salvation through baptism.

  12. Pastors and churches are being swayed into the Calvinism/Reformed Theology/ “Doctrines of Grace” in ever increasing numbers.

  13. Pastors and churches are teaching that salvation of the believer can be lost through sinful acts of the believer.

  14. Pastors and churches, for years, have made the error of “easy-believeism.” According to them, just saying a prayer will save you. It doesn't take faith or belief for one to be saved.

  15. Pastors and churches in the Pentecostalism/Charismatic movement, teach that they have received new revelation from God and hold god accountable to deliver on prayers.

Let me hear your thoughts.

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