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Basic Bible Prophecy

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Basic Bible Prophecy
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In the End Times, Do God, and Christ Sit in Judgment? If So, Who Are They Judging?

By careful study, it becomes apparent that there is a judgment by the LORD and a judgment by Christ. Each one is different. They go by different names: Great White Throne Judgment or Second Death (Rev 20:11-15) and Judgment Seat of Christ or Bema Seat (Rev 7:9).

The Great White Throne judgment (Second Death) is the final judgment prior to the nonbelievers being cast into the lake of fire. This judgment takes place after the millennial reign of Christ and Satan being thrown into the lake of fire where the Antichrist and False Prophet preceded him.

Another judgment is where Christ will sit in judgment (Judgment Seat of Christ or Bema Seat) of believers (2 Cor 5:10). This is not a judgment of sin, but of believers’ works. Christians will receive reward based on their works and service to God.

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