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What will we be doing in the New Heaven and New Earth?

So this question is a bit dependent on where you will be or more appropriately, where the Lord will have you working geographically after the final battle with Satan. The Old Testament prophets are fairly consistent with their descriptions of what is happening during the millennial reign of Christ (global recognition of the Lord and Yeshua, rebuilding, decontamination, global honoring of the feasts and festivals, etc...)

However the descriptions for when the Lord is "making all things new" is a bit scant comparatively when you realize it is eternity versus the small amount of time that directly preceded it (a mere 7000 yrs approximately).

It is important to understand the narrative in Revelation is the culmination of God's plan to reconcile humanity back to Him. The original plan was to have mankind as a steward over the Earth, walking with God as a family member. This original plan has not changed, the Lord has engineered events to bring us back to his ideal.

When the New Jerusalem comes down YHWH will "live" among us as he always intended.

We know the New Jerusalem is approximately 1400 miles square. this will encompass the original "Royal Mandate" of Israel given in Genesis 15, being the borders of the Nile to the Euphrates. However the New Jerusalem exceeds the borders of the mandate (Baghdad by the Euphrates to Cairo by the Nile is approximately 800 miles, the further distance of Kuwait city by the end of the Euphrates to Cairo is approximately 1000 miles).

This is in keeping with YHWH's original order that Israel will be an eternal inheritance to the Jewish people, and as Yeshua is the King of the Jews (INRI) he essentially owns it. The remaining outer area exceeding the original mandate is possibly the "Gentile quarter", based on the descriptors in the books of Ezekiel, Zechariah, Isaiah, Amos and Zephaniah. Keep in mind this is primarily speculation due to the lack of a definitive explanation in the scriptures. It is written in multiple books that the nations will come to worship and honor the Lord at Jerusalem, so a (likely large) portion of gentile humanity will not live directly in New Jerusalem, but Christians are grafted into God's family and some OT and NT scriptures indicate there will be believers (non-Jews) living in or around Jerusalem prior to the New Jerusalem.

Information is relatively little on the final disposition. What we do know:

-- The Lord will make some gentile believers priests and Levites in the New Temple area adding to the Jewish Priests and Levites (Isaiah 66).

--Some will be ambassadors/Missionaries/Evangelizers (at the very least for a time, Isaiah 66, Zechariah 2:11 & 8:23) as well as representatives from the nations to the Jews

--Some will be farmers/gardeners, as the living waters flowing from Jerusalem will create a very fertile garden (Rev 22, Amos 9:11-15, Zech 14:8) as the waters split from the fount going east and west. Some context indicates this is after the day of the Lord in the millennial kingdom, but does not state categorically that farming/gardening will cease in the the New Heavens & Earth; Again this goes back to our Edenic mandate in Genesis, stewarding the Earth and cultivating it.

--Offerings (grain, gold, silver) will be brought to the New Capital to honor the Lord as well as pilgrimages for the feasts (While many OT prophets mention this fact, it is spoken of in terms of after the Day of the Lord, That Day, etc; this means it will be thru the millennial reign and very likely into the New Jerusalem, New Heavens and Earth, no distinction is made on cessation of all offerings and feasts after the millennial kingdom).

--Administrators/governors (stewards) of the lands outside of the New Jerusalem. This designation is ambiguous as little information is given on the nations outside the New Jerusalem by the prophets, only that there are lands with rulers who are non-Jews that will give fealty to the Lord. It is possible the multiple references refer to only the millennial kingdom time period, however the context is indicative of it continuing into the New Heavens and Earth (Rev 22) with the "healing of the nations".

--The tree of Life will be present and available (Rev 22); either as indicative of God's presence on Earth or as in conditions prior to the flood our lifespans will increase substantially, but without access to the tree of life we would not be effectively immortal, glorified bodies are apparently "like" angels, but may not be exactly in all facets.

The lack of specific data provided is likely intentional on His part. His word is a lamp to light our feet, so we can see enough to walk the path He has set before us. His word is not a 50,000 candle power flood lamp to show us every nook and cranny of the entire route, because if we knew the whole pathway, we might try to take a short cut to save time, and ruin the perfect plan He laid out for our salvation.

Dr. Bob Crowder


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