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Basic Bible Prophecy

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John Nance-Karl Sr.
Basic Bible Prophecy
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So, I woke up in a humorous mood. I was reflecting on class and laughing as well as a little curious if anyone else had a funny and farfetched idea ever told to them by someone who was adamant about their false doctrine?

The pastor shared a couple examples as did Ron Rhodes on Pg. 41 about Jesus being a teacher of yoga.

I would like to encourage you if you don't know who Ron Rhodes is, let me know and I'll buy you a book to follow along with the class!

Christine Vincent

Hello John, I do not know who Ron Rhodes is. I also heard the same farfetched idea from a pastor years ago as Pastor Bob did, (grasshoppers being helicopter's).

I always thought it was very strange!

Tambra Wills



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