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Just a thought after tonight’s study of the Seal Judgments. Although it is Satan/Antichrist are the ones doing all these horrible things, it’s Jesus who opens each seal and sets into motion each new wrath. It’s interesting that God will use satan to carry out His judgement. The one who introduced sin into the world is the one who will carry out judgement against sin. Or maybe I’m mistaken?

Dr. Bob Crowder
John Nance-Karl Sr.
Christine Vincent

The seal breaking is Yeshua simply removing further limitations to Satan. Remember Satan is already the "god" of this world, he already controls all the governments. He knows his time is short so he is escalating his attempt to finish what he started. His overall plan hasn't changed.

-He attempted to destroy humanity at the beginning by tempting Eve & Adam.

-Then Satan used the fallen angels to corrupt all humans leading to the flood.

-The tower of Babel, one world, one language government attempt.

-Satan tried to infest the "Holy Land" with his servants and giants.

-Multiple attempts to corrupt and destroy God's personally chosen people.

-failing that, then moved to corrupt and destroy Yeshua's servants.

Satan's playbook is still the same, breaking the seals just allows him to corrupt, destroy and enslave on a wider scale. The judgements are giving people over to their base impulses, serving the "god" of this world by their sins; in other words giving them what they want, not what God wants for them.

When we say "thy will be done" in reference to the Living God, it is a very good thing, when we say it in reference to anyone else it is varying shades of very bad.

Sin is not just what we consider evil, it is doing anything in a way YHWH did not intend.



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