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Can Jesus be found in Every Book of the Bible?

Jesus was crucified and buried in a borrowed tomb. Three days later, He was resurrected and showed Himself to His disciples and many others. The Gospel of Luke lets us in on a conversation of two of Jesus’ disciples and Himself. Jesus took some time with two men on the road to Emmaus that were discouraged and forlorn. In their minds, their great teacher and rabbi had been killed and lost to them. And like sheep that are lost without their shepherd, they needed to be tended. Jesus took the opportunity to teach them that Christ could be found in all the scriptures.

Luke 24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.

The scriptures that Luke refers to are the Law and the Prophets. The following list can be found on many websites (I don’t know the original author) but I have taken the liberty to edit and add to the original list. It is a very interesting look in finding Jesus in every book of the Bible.


Old Testament

Genesis – Creator, Seed of Woman, and Promised Redeemer

Exodus – the Passover Lamb; the Smitten Rock

Leviticus – High Priest, the Altar and the Lamb of Sacrifice

Numbers – The pillar of Cloud by day and the pillar of Fire at night and water in the desert; The Brazen Serpent

Deuteronomy – A Prophet like unto Moses, He becomes the curse for us

Joshua – Commander of the Lord’s host, the Captain of our Salvation

Judges – The Judge and Lawgiver, He delivers us from injustice

Ruth – our Kinsman-Redeemer

1 & 2 Samuel –Prophesied Son of David; Prophet/Priest/King, King of grace & love

1 Kings – The Reigning King and a Ruler greater than Solomon

2 Kings – the powerful prophet

1 Chronicles – Son of David that is coming to rule

2 Chronicles – the King who reigns eternally

Ezra – Priest proclaiming freedom and the Faithful Scribe; He is One with the good hand

Nehemiah – the One who restores what is broken down

Esther – Advocate, Protector of his people; the Unseen Hand

Job – The Ever Living Redeemer, Dayspring from on High, Mediator between God and man

Psalms – The Shepherd and our Song in the morning and in the night; the Coming Messiah

Proverbs – The Wisdom of God

Ecclesiastes – He is the Hope of our resurrection, and our meaning for life; He is the Truth above the Sun

Song of Solomon – Author of faithful love, Lover and Bridegroom; the Rose of Sharon

Isaiah – Suffering Servant; Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father

Jeremiah – the weeping Prophet, Messiah; He is the Lord our Righteousness

Lamentations – He assumes God’s wrath for us; our Weeping Prophet

Ezekiel – Son of Man; the One with the Right to Rule; He is the Prince who enters the Eastern Gate

Daniel – He is in the fire with us, The Son of Man coming in the clouds; the Ancient of Days

Hosea – Faithful Husband, the Bridegroom

Joel – He is the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit; He is the One roaring out of Zion

Amos – Restorer of Justice, the Burden Bearer; He is the One standing upon the Altar

Obadiah – Judge of those who do evil, the Mighty to Save

Jonah – the Great Missionary, God of Forgiveness

Micah – He casts our sin into the sea of forgetfulness, the Messenger with beautiful feet; the Ruler of Israel

Nahum – Stronghold in the day of trouble, the Avenger of God’s Elect

Habakkuk – The Lord in His Holy Temple; The Great Evangelist, He crushes injustice

Zephaniah – the Warrior who saves, the Restorer of the Remnant; He is the Lord in the midst

Haggai – He is the desire of all nations; Restorer of worship, He has the Signet Ring, He is the Cleansing Fountain

Zechariah – the Humble Messiah pierced for us riding on a colt

Malachi – He is the Sun of Righteousness who brings healing

New Testament

Matthew – the Messiah who is King, Immanuel, God with us; King of the Jews

Mark – the Messiah who is a Servant, the Miracle Worker

Luke – the Son of Man, Messiah who is a Deliverer

John – the Son of God, Messiah who is a God in the flesh, the Bread of Life

Acts – the Ascended Lord, the Builder of the Church; the Spirit who dwells in His people

Romans – the Righteousness of God

1 Corinthians – the Last Adam, power and love of God, the Resurrection; the First-fruits from among the dead.

2 Corinthians – He is the down payment of what’s to come, He is the God of all comfort; He is the Unspeakable Gift

Galatians – He is the Seed of Abraham; He is our very life, the One Who sets us free

Ephesians – the Christ of Riches and Head of the church

Philippians – the Joy of our life, the One who meets our every need

Colossians – The fullness of the Godhead, He holds the supreme position in all things; He is the preeminent One

1 Thessalonians – our Comfort in the last days, our Hope

2 Thessalonians – our soon coming King

1 Timothy – the Mediator between God and man, Savior of the worst sinners, Faith; He is God manifest in the flesh

2 Timothy – Leader of the leaders, Stability in life

Titus – the Blessed Hope, the Foundation of truth

Philemon – Savior of Slaves; our Mediator, the Friend that sticks closer than a brother, our Benefactor

Hebrews – our High Priest He is Superior in all ways

James – He matures our faith, the Great Physician; He is the Judge standing before the door

1 Peter – our Chief Shepherd, the hope in times of suffering and our Example

2 Peter – He is the Day Star; the One who guards us from false teaching

1 John – He is our Advocate; the source of all fellowship, our Life

2 John – God in the flesh; the Confession of One Who is True

3 John – source of all truth

Jude – protects us from stumbling, the God our Savior

Revelation – Soon coming King, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End, Who was and is and is to come; He makes all things new.

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