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Who is the Messiah and What is His Importance?

Prophetic mention of the coming Messiah (Hebrew literally means “one anointed with oil” implying “savior or liberator”) is found throughout the Old Testament.

The Jewish Nation knew what characteristics the Messiah would have and have been looking for him for thousands of years.

The Old Testament acknowledgements concerning the “anointed one” are found in the following list of the characteristics of the Messiah with biblical reference.

  1. The Messiah would be a national hero who will vanquish the enemies of Israel – 2 Samuel 7:11; Psalms 72:11; Jeremiah 33:16

  2. The Messiah would build the Kingdom of God and The Messiah’s Kingdom would be eternal – 2 Samuel 7:13

  3. The Messiah will be an offspring of the house of David – Isaiah 11:1

  4. The Messiah will be given wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit – Isaiah 11:2

  5. The Messiah will be a righteousness judge – Isaiah 11:4

  6. The Messiah would be a servant of the Most High God – Isaiah 42:1

  7. The Messiah will be a light unto all nations – Isaiah 42:6-7

  8. The Messiah will be stricken and suffer by God in order for the nations to be healed – Isaiah 53:4-5

  9. When the Messiah arrives a sign will be for him to be riding on an colt – Zechariah 9:9

This is Who the nation of Israel is looking for…the Messiah.

Next post will look at the Man named Jesus…does He fill the requirements to be the Messiah.

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